I'm sure many of you have been watching the Olympics from Sochi as we have been doing.

Something that has really been impressive is not only the hard work and dedication of these athletes but the sportsmanship and respect that these athletes are exhibiting throughout the games. The athletes, families and coaches are displaying the true spirit of comaraderie despite the fierce competition between all the countries represented in the games.

I was so touched when Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth ran onto the trail and strapped a ski onto the Russian cross-country skier Anton Gafarov. This athlete with determination, was struggling just to finish the race with his broken ski, even though he knew he would not be bringing home a medal. What a moment, and such an act of true sportsmanship and compassion by the coach. What a beautiful moment of determination to complete a race despite the adversity for the competitor.

The Canadian Skier Alex Bilodeau who won a gold medal for the moguls, who credits his inspiration to his disabled brother was so touching.

Another priceless moment was when Gilmore Junio gives up his spot in the men's 1000m to allow his teammate Denny Morrison an opportunity to compete in his place and Denny brought home the silver medal.

All these selfless acts of teamwork, hard work, determination and dedication are models that we can all build into our businesses – time to bring home the gold!