Is Email Marketing Really Dead?

I was asked the other day about the value of email marketing and if in fact it was really worthwhile. My reply was an resounding Yes! Email marketing is indeed valuable and every business should be looking at adding this valuable tool to their arsenal, if they haven't done so already.

Social Media marketing is wonderful and I frequent Twitter and LinkedIn as much as I can. I try to keep up with the latest information coming in through these mediums. The fact is that there just isn't enough hours in a day to jump in and keep up with  the hundreds and hundreds of Tweets that fly in every day and the all the responses to LinkedIn questions posted.

Ask yourself how much time do you really take to jump in and check out all the latest on your Social Media networks?

Now fast forward to email. How often do you read your email in a day? I would be willing to bet that you at least scan every piece that drops into your inbox, right? If there is a valuable piece of information, something simple and to the point you would take the time to read this, wouldn't you. Maybe you would file it away to return to it a little later in the day where you could really focus and absorb what information was there.

Try sifting through all the Tweets to find that piece of information that you really wanted to go back to when you had the time. You know it is there, but the time and energy sifting through everything to find it again can be really time consuming.

If you are using Social Media to get information out fast, why not think about using that piece of valuable information in conjunction with an email newsletter. Chances are you will really get noticed and build your network at the same time.