Move over PC – Mac is my new love!

This seems to be another year of PC woes in our household. First my husbands ten month old HP had a major crash and even after all my prompting to back up (which he kept putting off), he lost pretty much all of his files.

Being without a backup computer, he took that huge plunge and bought a MacBook Pro. He has the iPhone, which he loves and thought this might be a better solution for him. He was forced to learn the simplicity of it and unlearn the complexities of PC that he had been used to for years.

When he bought the HP machine, he had the foresight to add the additional service warranty to it. That being said, it still took 3 weeks to get it back after repairs and it still is causing headaches. So it sits there taking up all this space on his desk and now doesn't even get a second glance. He is now a confirmed Mac junkie!

My precious Dell that I bought for my business just over a year ago (with next day on site service) has been having crashes and freezes and it is at the point that I just can't trust it anymore. Dear Dell, doesn't seem to know why this is going on and have changed memory, etc., to no avail. Yes, I do have multiple backups – Windows Home Server, external hard drive and Carbonite – maybe overkill but I've had too many crashes with PC's over the years to trust them.

This past weekend I decided to take the Mac plunge too and bought a Mac Mini. I wanted to be able to transition slowly away from PC and beat the learning or unlearning curve. I've had it just under a week and I have to tell you, I LOVE this little machine! The graphic interface is beautiful for working on presentations and websites. I have to tell you this is pure pleasure!

Move over PC – Mac is my new love now!!!


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  2. I never, ever would have imagined I would need to know this thank goodness for the web, right?

  3. Harley,

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