An Outlook Tip That You Are Going To Love

Is your Outlook a nightmare – mine was until I discovered how to get it back into control. This handy little tip will help you organize that inbox and help you prioritize your email.

I didn’t realize but there are several ways to colour code emails in Outlook. One method is automatic colourization using Outlooks Organize feature.

Go to Tools then select Organize. Now click the Using Colour link in the middle of the list. To colour code high priority mail click on the Turn Off button to change the settings. Open the Colour drop down list and then select the colour you wish to use.
Now create categories for High Priority, Medium Priority and Low Priority emails.

Click Automatic Formatting at the top of the window, now click Add, type in Medium Priority in the name field to name this rule. In Here you can click on the Font and this is where you can use different Fonts and Colours.

Now go ahead and click OK to save your changes.

To set the rule for your Priority emails click on Condition. Now click on the Where I am check-box and open the drop down list.

Select the on the To line with other people and then click OK this set the Medium Priority Rule. You can go through and set the Low Priority email Rule following the same steps except you choose on the CC line with other people rule. High priority is when the email is to you specifically in the To Line. Click OK to save the rule.

Now in your email box, your messages will be changed, your High Priority email with have a different Font colour, your Medium Priority another Font colour and your Low Priority another.

How cool is that.