HP Smart Web Printing

I've just discovered this amazing little tool that works in Internet Explorer. It is called HP Smart Web Printing.

I must say, my favourite Browser is Firefox, but unfortunately I couldn't get this little tool to install on this Browser. I did however find a work around for this as I have “view this page in IE” right on my toolbar. Now if there is something that I need to capture, I just click on the “view this page in IE” button and voila!

It is however, an invaluable little program that allows you to take clips of web pages that you visit. This is valuable to those of us who do research, who take notes on design ideas, and any other form of web research.

It copies multiple clips to a clipboard which you can then paste into Word and edit the information. It also lets you create PDF's.

This is a great little tool that deserves to be checked out.

A word of caution, please don't use this to copy and use  information as your own. Remember there are copyright's in place for text and graphics on the world wide web.

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