Happy 5th Birthday VAnetworking.com

Feeling Like There’s Never Enough Time to Let Your Hair Down With Some Friends?
Virtual Assistant Birthday Celebration

Maybe You Just Haven’t Found the Right Kind of R ‘n R!

What if we told you about a new kind of get-together for Virtual Assistants and other Virtual Pros? A casual kind of party that:

  • Worked around YOUR schedule?
  • Was so much fun you wanted to go back for more?
  • Lasted all day and all night so you could come and go as you pleased?
  • Had no dress code, no expectations, and no pressure to do or say anything?
  • Had fabulous door prizes just for showing up?
  • Cost NOTHING?

Sound like your kind of party?

Good! Because starting August 28th until the end of the year you can do all of the above and more.

You're Invited to the VAnetworking Never Ending Birthday Bash!

And if you are a Virtual Assistant or even just thinking about becoming one, there’s a lot to celebrate:

  • 5 years in at VAnetworking.com and people just like you have made us the warmest place on the web for Virtual Assistants globally.
  • VAnetworking.com Forums are a community that VAs from around the world have come to rely on for support, camaraderie and invaluable industry knowledge and know-how.
  • A membership base of 10,000 makes VAnetworking.com the largest professional online network for Virtual Assistants—that’s networking you can take to the bank! (And many here have.)
  • Being “five” means VAnetworking.com offers a comprehensive array of both FREE and paid services to Virtual Assistants. From sophisticated eSeminars to incredible downloads to a huge network of helpful VAs, we’ve got every need covered for every kind of VA.
  • Our new premium membership package—VAinsiders—is wrapping up its first year as the hottest professional membership going for Virtual Assistants around the world.
So put away the email, shove aside the client work (for just a little while) and join the VAnetworking.com Never Ending Birthday Bash … VIRTUALLY!

Just imagine, you get to party every night—heck every week—whenever it suits YOU and YOUR schedule for then next not 5, not 10, not 15 but 20 WEEKS! Talk about the network that never sleeps!

And it’s all just a click away. Any time you need a break, the party will be happening over at VAnetworking.com’s exclusive Party Hall.

Look forward to attending our Birthday Bash knowing that you can:

  • Wear whatever you want (elusive “perfect” outfit be gone!)
  • Whoop it up while the kids are sleeping (no babysitter required).
  • Eat or drink or listen to WHATEVER you want while you have fun.

Oh yeah, did we mention the festivities are totally FREE? You need only be a member of VAnetworking.com Forum (also FREE) to attend.

We can't divulge all the super cool activities, events and unbelievable prizes that will be going on for the next 20 weeks straight starting August 27th, but we can tell you that you'd be crazy to miss out!

If this sounds like something you could get into (and really, what VA couldn’t?), then RSVP NOW:

Virtual Assistant Networking Events, Birthday Bash Celebration


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