What is Your Time Worth

I was asked to speak at a Women's Network Meeting a few weeks ago and I thought I would post a snippet of my presentation here as I will presenting this same topic again in a couple of weeks at another Women's Entrepreneurial group.

So what is your time worth?

If you check out some VA websites, including my own, they will give you some pertinent information as to the value in hiring a VA versus a full time Administrative Assistant.

I want to go beyond that right now and ask you a simple question, what is your time worth?

As business owners you are busy building your client base. There are some areas of your business that need to be addressed in the day to day activity of your business. There are the phone calls, the building of your database, the answering of e-mails, sending out those flyers, writing letters, and on and on it goes.

Now I want to ask you a simple question, what is your time worth?

If you were to hire a Virtual Assistant to handle all these little details of your business, what would it cost you? What would you gain?

I want you to think for just a minute, if I wasn't spending X number of hours doing all the administrative tasks that are necessary in growing my business, how much more money could I save and how much more could I make?

Your business, no matter what it is, is your pride and joy, something that you are passionate about, something that you love to do. So how many hours are you spending doing the tasks that you could outsource to someone else?

Realistically, if you were spending that time on a client or that project, how much money would you actually be making? Now I ask you if you were to hire a VA to help you with those tasks, say at approximately $30.00 per hour, how much money would you still be making?

Now I ask you another question, how much is it costing me to not outsource those tasks?